test inglese on line gratis

Test di inglese on line gratis

Verifica subito il tuo livello di inglese con questo semplice test di inglese online è semplicissimo e sai subito il tuo livello di inglese e inoltre è gratis!!

Test inglese on line gratis

1-7 di 21 1. We____ American
a) Not
b) Not are
c) Aren't
d) Isn't

2. British people______ tea with milk
a) to drink
b) drink
c) drinks
d) are drink

3. I like ______in the morning.
a) that I work
b) working
c) work
d) to be work

4. She_____to the gym every day.
a) gets
b) goes
c) has
d) does

5. There____telephon in my hotel room.
a) wasn't a
b) weren't
c) weren't any
d) wasn't some

6. He ____playing the piano.
a) are
b) does
c) is
d) has

7. ___yesterday ?
a) You studied
b) Did you studied
c) Did you study ?
d) Studied you
8-15 di 21 8. Diana____some wine when she went to France.
a) bought
b) buyed
c) boot
d) did buy

9. My parents____to stay with us next week.
a) comes
b) coming
c) is coming
d) are coming

10. My father___be a builder.
a) used to
b) was
c) use to
d) did use to

11. ___dinner in a restaurant today.
a) I have
b) I having
c) I'm having
d) I'm not have

12. If we had the money,we___get a taxi.
a) will can
b) can
c) would can
d) could

13. You eat ___ chocolate –you really should give up.
a) too much
b) enough
c) very many
d) much

14. She told me___number,but I can't remember it.
a) my
b) his
c) her
d) hers

15. What ___tomorrow night?
a) are you doing
b) do you do
c) you do
d) are you do

16-21 di 21 16. That's the house___we live.
a) -
b) which
c) that
d) where

17. Would you marry him if he___you ?
a) would ask
b) asks
c) did ask
d) asked

18. She speaks English___than me.
a) more better
b) better
c) more well
d) so better

19. I'm tired. I___all day.
a) study
b) 've been studying
c) 'm studying
d) was studying

20. I___go to the dentist yesterday.
a) must
b) musted
c) had to
d) have to

21. He said he___school in 1998.
a) left
b) leaves
c) surprising
d) surprised

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